Monthly Archives: April 2012

Blog Recommendations

I highly recommend these three blogs:


1. “Swungover” by Bobby White

Bobby White is a passionate Lindy Hop dancer. He and his partner Kate Hedin are among the world’s top Balboa dancers. No matter if Bobby writes about the difficult triangle of a dance couple and their love for the dance, about graphs of the intersection of Blues and Balboa dancers or if he gives a sum-up of the debate about Savoy Style vs. Hollywood Style Lindy Hop – he does so on a high intellectual level. Wile some question all the delicate reasoning about dancing (“just dance and have fun!”), Bobby says that it’s natural for him to really think about dancing, because he just loves it.

Bobby White’s Swungover


2. Bug’s Question of the day by Bug Brockway

Even though this facebook page is not an actual blog, Bug Brockway asks questions about Lindy Hop sent to her on a daily basis. The discussions that follow it are always very interesting and worth reading. Everyone can post their questions and comments, since it all happens on facebook. Miscellaneous topics are discussed, such as these: why New Orleans Lindy Hop looks somewhat different, what followers can do to be asked to dance more often, problems with a dancing shoe brand or whether fast or slow dancing is more difficult. As you can see, there are lots of questions – and just as many interesting discussions.

Bug Brockway’s Bugs question of the day


3. “Shuffleprojects” by Dj Chrisbe

Christian Bossert danced since 1999 and has been passionate about Swing dances as well as their culture and history right from the start. He’s an experienced Swing dance instructor based in Zurich Switzerland and also an international Swing DJ. He started Shuffle Projects with the aim to promote and support the Swing dance culture

, in Switzerland and internationally. Since my blog is a mostly about music, I especially like to recommend the section “Song of the week”, in which Chris presents a song, complete with background informations about the composers, musicians and different versions of it. There is a playlist on Spotify containing every “song of the week”.

Christian Bossert’s Shuffleprojects