Already in kindergarten I listened to music a lot…

… my dad’s records, CCR, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Deep Purple… Since I was ten I have been playing the guitar, first in school bands and later in my own bands. Later I attended courses and took lessons at the Swiss Jazz School. During this time I listened to a lot of 50ies and 60ies jazz, such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Cannenball Adderley and of course guitarists such as Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell and Joe Pass. Before I developed a real taste for older jazz, I first had to


discover  Lindy Hop

I had already watched Lindy Hop dancers a few times from a distance, before it happend at a Lindy Hop New Year’s Eve party. When I saw a jam for the first time (to “Sing Sing Sing”) it gave me a chill. It was clear to me: I wanted to be able to do this too. My girlfriend had already been dancing for a year (for some inexplicable reason, I had never been interested in dancing myself) and we were soon taking a beginners’ class together. Lindy Hop! Soon I was sure that Lindy Hop would play an important role in my life. Our class was the highlight of my week, just like the parties that I frequently went to.


About the music

Soon I started combing through my music collection in search for danceable music. Some of Irene’s swing compilations proved to be an essential foundation. My first short appearance as a DJ followed soon – I played songs that, for good reasons, are no longer in my repertoire… In the summer of 2007 I went to Herräng for the first time and spent 10 days in a frenzy. Other trips to Sweden and to national and international workshops convinced me of the fact that my hometown needed more of the real old swing. In Bern a lot of more modern music was played and I missed the swing in it. When a DJ played too many old swing songs in a row, dancers would ask for something modern. But music is like food – you have to try it time and again until you suddenly like it. That’s how Susie Trenka, Matthias Raaflaub and I played old big band jazz until no one complained anymore (or simply didn’t dare to anymore?).